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Staying Safe on the Job Is a Priority

Find out what your workers will learn during safety training in Odessa, TX

According to research conducted by AdvisorSmith, the third highest-risk job in the U.S. is an oil and gas derrick operator. You can protect your employees by training them to identify and react to hazards in their line of work. Resolute Safety, LLC can provide the comprehensive safety training your organization needs in Odessa, TX.

Our safety training programs include H2S Clear for Energy and PEC SafeLand training courses. Call 432-556-8840 now to learn more about these industry-leading programs.

Committed to keeping our students safe

Our family has been providing first-rate safety services to individuals and business owners in the Odessa, TX area since March 2020. With over seven years of safety management experience, we can share tips to keep your employees safe when...

Dealing with dangerous working conditions like high-voltage equipment | Responding to emergency situations like exposure to hydrogen sulfide | Tending to injured coworkers while waiting for paramedics to arrive

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